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Introducing the application, manual, distribution

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QuickViewer is a graphic image viewer for comfortable browsing of many images.

This software performs reading of image data in advance. And drawing the imported image data on the screen with OpenGL. You can browse images with much smoother response than ever before.

QuickViewer is a free software lisenced under GPLv3.

in English / in Japanese


How to use

  1. Launch the application and display the window
  2. Select a menu on the main menu which choose a folder from the dialog, or Drag Drop a folder contains image files from Windows Explorer to the window
  3. A image loaded on the screen is displayed. Browse the images with the “←” or “→” button on the toolbar, the mouse wheel up/down, the forward button of the mouse, or the left and right edge click of the window


The latest version is release_version.

You can download Release Builds for Windows x86/x64, Mac dmg x64, and Linux AppImage x64.

You can also clone the latest source code from this repository.

External Reviews

Thanks for reviewers! :)


Normal Viewing(One Page View)

Normal Viewing

If Spread Viewing is off, the window shows one image.

2 Page Spread viewing(Two Page View)

2 Page Spread viewing

If 2 Page Spread viewing is on, the window shows two images on side by side.

Stripped Viewing

If you want, you can remove all attached bars and display only images. Hidden bars are displayed automatically when needed.

Stripped viewing

JPEG EXIF Information

EXIF Information

It draws JPEG images with auto rotation which contained in EXIF Information. You can see images as long as taken picture with digital camera.

You can checkout EXIF Information of the current JPEG image which you have taken picture by a digital camera. Click right button on the image view, to be shown a context menu, select ‘Exif Information’ menu.


Image rendering quality improves. For details, to see Shader.

1 of compared

Checkout the location of the image file

You can checkout with Windows Explorer for the current image file. Click right button on the image view, to be shown a context menu, select ‘Open Explorer’ menu.


via v0.6.0, QuickViewer can make catalogs for your digital books and comics. click ShowCatalog and drop a folder which contains images

Manage Catalog

Then you can find your books in the Catalog. (the sample books from

Show Catalog

The Catalog can contain thousands of your books, but in spite of being instantly listed, you can search by text entry or by clicking on a tag.

The Catalog can also be displayed with the main window.

Embedded Catalog

Screen operations

You can do screen operations with the main menu, tool bar, mouse button, wheel, keyboard, touch on the screen and so on.

Operation  Device Input Remarks
Next Page Keyboard Right Key(→)  
  Keyboard Space Key  
          Mouse Wheel Downward scrolling  
          Mouse Forward Button   
          Touch Panel Swipe left at the bottom of the screen
Prev Page Keyboard Left Key(←)  
  Keyboard BackSpace Key  
          Mouse Wheel Upward scrolling  
          Mouse Back Button  
          Touch Panel Swipe right at the bottom of the screen
First Page Keyboard Home Key  
Last Page Keyboard End Key  
Next Volume Keyboard Page Down Key open a folder/archive of neighbor
Prev Volume Keyboard Page Up Key open a folder/archive of neighbor
Fullscreen Keyboard F11 Key  
          Mouse Wheel Clicked as Center Button
          Keyboard ESC Key Fullscreen mode only
          Touch Panel Swipe up with two fingers at the top of the screen
Exit App Keyboard ESC Key not Fullscreen mode only
Fitting Keyboard F12 Key  
  Keyboard Ten keys(-)  
          Mouse Right Button + Wheel Clicked  
          Mouse Ctrl + Wheel Clicked  
Image to trash box Keyboard Delete Key Move the Image of current page to trash box
Rename Image Keyboard F2 Key  
Copy Image Keyboard Ctrl+C Key Copy Image of current page
Zoom In Keyboard Ten keys(+) do nothing with Fitting
          Touch Panel Pinch Spread at the center of the screen
  Mouse Wheel Right Button + Upward scrolling  
  Mouse Wheel Ctrl + Upward scrolling  
Zoom Out Keyboard Ten keys(-) do nothing with Fitting
          Touch Panel Pinch Closer at the center of the screen
  Mouse Wheel Right Button + Downward scrolling  
  Mouse Wheel Ctrl + Downward scrolling  
Loupe Mouse Left Button Loupe Tool
Loupe Zoom In Mouse Left Button + Upward scrolling Loupe Tool
Loupe Zoom Out Mouse Left Button + Downward scrolling Loupe Tool
Page Rotate Keyboard R Key  
Rotate   Touch Panel Place two fingers on the screen and then rotate them at the center of the screen
Zoom/Rotate cancel Touch Panel Double tap with two fingers at the center of the screen
Scroll under zooming Touch Panel Pan or Tilt at the center of the screen

System Requirement

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

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